Recent ITIA Online Meetings


Many thanks to all who attended three recent ITIA online events.

The first was our Annual General Meeting on 17th October. The fact that we were online facilitated attendance by members based all around the country. We had a very good discussion about the professional membership examination system and the executive committee agreed to explore the possibility of setting up a members’ forum. We will talk to sister associations abroad about their approaches, possible platforms and possible need for moderation.

For the second event, Professional Member and ITIA Certified Legal Translator Sarah Jane Aberasturi gave a workshop on certified translation on the 24th October. Attendees included existing ITIA certified legal translators, members of the ITIA executive committee and, most importantly, existing professional members who plan to take the examination for certified status. Sarah Jane generously shared examples of her work and everyone had the opportunity to ask questions and engage in the discussion.

For the third event, on 7th November, Dr Annette Schiller, Chairperson of the ITIA Professional Membership Sub Committee, explained the application process to become a Professional Member of the Association. She explained the eligibility criteria, the type of examination, the assessment criteria and showed an example of a corrected translation. Attendees asked lots of questions on chat and there was an opportunity for questions and answers at the end. This session was compulsory for anyone planning to apply for professional membership this year. All exams scripts are anonymised and assessors are experienced translators with assessment experience who are based in Ireland or abroad.

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