ATII Certified Legal Translator

Professional Members of the ATII with experience in legal translation may be interested in becoming an ATII Certified Legal Translator.
Entry Requirements

In order to apply for the examination to become an ATII Certified Legal Translator, a candidate must already be a member of the ATII in the Professional category. Professional Members may only apply to become an ATII Certified Legal Translator for the language combination(s) for which they hold professional membership.

The ATII Certified Legal Translator Examination

Candidates are required to translate two texts for each language combination, a short text and a long text. The short text could be, for example, a birth or marriage certificate, while the long text could be an extract from a longer document such as a contract.

Candidates must achieve a PASS in both examination papers in order to qualify for ATII Certified Legal Translator status.

Application Process

The next Certified Legal Translator examination will take place in November 2024 (date TBD).

The closing date for receipt of applications by email will be October 2024 (date TBD).

This year’s certification webinar (compulsory for exam candidates) will take place in October (date TBD).

The following application procedure documents are for general information only. The documents for 2024 will be available from September 2024: