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- Translation deals with the written word (annual reports, books, brochures, manuals, websites, etc.).
- Interpreting deals with the spoken word (at conferences, business meetings, court appearances, hospital appointments, etc.).
- Certified translation: stamped and certified translation of documents (birth certificates, contracts, court documents, etc.) to be used in an official or legal context - carried out by an ATII Certified Legal Translator.
Translation Interpreting Certified translation

Membership category:*
- Professional Member (MATII): a qualified translator/interpreter with at least three years full-time professional experience. Professional members now have to pass the professional membership examination in their chosen language pair.
- Associate Member: a translator/interpreter with a third-level qualification in translation/interpreting or a third-level qualification in languages and relevant translation/interpreting experience. Associate members are not ATII examined.
Professional only Professional and Associate

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