ITIA Coffee Morning on Zoom


Discussion of PROJ000005301 EMS051F – Framework for Interpretation Services 

We held our third coffee morning on 11th June and focused on PROJ000005301 EMS051F – Framework for Interpretation Services, the new framework tender for interpreting for the Courts Service, Garda, International protection, social protection etc. Many thanks to all who joined us online and participated in the discussion.

To start the discussion, Mary Phelan gave a presentation outlining the main points of interest in the request for tender. For example, one big change is that interpreters for the ten most used languages in each setting will have to demonstrate that they have at least C1 level of proficiency in English. Interpreters for other languages will have to have at least B2 level. While language proficiency is no guarantee of accuracy in interpreting, it is a welcome requirement. Another development is a requirement for companies to look after interpreters’ physical and psychological health, something that could include for example access to counselling services for interpreters. 

We hope that contracts based on the request for tender will result in better standards in interpreting and improved working conditions for interpreters. 

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