CPD: Translating Corporate Crisis Communications


Under the radar — Translating Corporate Crisis Communications

A webinar hosted by the ITIA, in cooperation with SFT and FIT Europe

Product recalls. Environmental disasters. Corporate malfeasance. When unexpected events require an immediate public response, crisis communication teams swing into action. And when a crisis spills across borders and language barriers, expert translation is critical to protect communities, employees and customers—not to mention brand integrity, revenue and assets.

On December 13, the ITIA will host a closer look at key steps in successful crisis communication.

Join us for an inside look at the big picture—which text types are being translated (and why), and who’s reading them—plus insights into the challenges involved. You’ll come away with practical tips on avoiding translation pitfalls, identifying reliable sources, and positioning yourself in an exciting market that often flies under the radar.
Organized by the ITIA in cooperation with the team behind SFT’s UETF (Université d’été de la traduction financière) and FIT Europe.

Who will benefit: Experienced translators considering a move into corporate translation. Past UETF attendees who want to update their knowledge. Beginners plotting a course for future specialization.


Gerard Braud, CSP, Fellow IEC, Braud Communications (USA), media and crisis communications
Fabien Contino, Managing Partner, Shan (France)
Chris Durban, FITI, SFT, Fr>En translator specializing in corporate communication and investor relations (France)
David Jemielity, Head of Translation, Banque Cantonale Vaudoise (Switzerland)
Lisa Rüth, Managing Partner and Financial Translator, Ralf Lemster Financial Translations, Frankfurt (Germany)

Date/time: Monday, December 13 at 3-5 pm Irish time (4-6 pm CET)

Cost: €30 for members of the ITIA and other FIT associations / €50 for non-members
To register, please send an email to events@translatorsassociation.ie

Speakers bios

Gerard Braud is a crisis communications expert and media training coach drawing on 15 years in journalism. Founder of SituationHub crisis communications software.

Chris Durban is a freelance translator (French to English) based in Paris, where she specializes in publication-level texts for demanding clients—the shareholders, stakeholders, customers, and partners of a range of French corporations and institutions.

Fabien Contino is Managing Partner at Shan, a strategic communications consulting agency in Paris serving companies, institutions and their leaders.

David Jemielity is Senior English Translator and Head of Translations at Banque Cantonale Vaudoise (BCV) in Switzerland, and a tenured lecturer of financial/business translation at the University of Geneva.

Lisa Rüth is Managing Partner and Financial Translator at Ralf Lemster Financial Translations in Frankfurt.  She specializes in corporate communications for banks, asset managers and stock exchanges; sustainability reporting and sustainable finance; equity and investment research; and financial products, especially derivatives and structured products.

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