CPD: Transcreation workshop 2018


Full-day workshop in Irish Writers Centre, Dublin 1 on 30 June 2018

Transcreation – copywriting for translators

How to position, sell, and provide professional transcreation services

The demand for transcreation services is high, and rising. However, misconceptions about transcreation abound. What is it, really? To some it’s just a fancy term for selling translations at a higher price tag. Yet while it’s certainly true that transcreation work doesn’t come cheap, it’s because it is more than just a premium-quality kind of translation. It’s actually a service that combines the expertise and skills of a translator with those of a copywriter.

In this dynamic full-day workshop, you will gain insights into the special challenges (and rewards!) that this translation-cum-copywriting service poses. You will get to work on typical examples, practise various transcreative techniques, and not least, learn how to effectively sell your services to the market, all in an interactive setting.

In addition to plenty of practical exercises and examples, the topics we will cover include:

  • Which situations and types of texts call for a transcreation?
  • In what ways does a transcreation process differ from that of a translation?
  • How does creativity work in transcreation?
  • How can I better tap my creative potential / improve my copywriting skills?
  • What are the deliverables in a transcreation project?
  • Why are transcreation jobs so time-consuming? How can I estimate the time needed for transcreating different types of texts?
  • How do I respond to translation requests that should actually be treated as transcreations?
  • How can I convince clients of the value they get for their money? How can I become better at selling this service?

About 4 weeks before the workshop date, participants will receive a questionnaire so that they can provide their language combinations and any specific queries they would like the workshop to address. The data provided will be used only for purposes of creating a customized workshop experience and will not be shared with others.

Target audience:

Translation professionals who would like to start out in the field of transcreation or gain more confidence in their transcreative work and especially, their commercial approach to transcreation services. 

On completion of the workshop, all attendees will receive an ITIA Certificate of Attendance.

Time and location

  • Location: Irish Writers’ Centre, 19 Parnell Square, Dublin 1
  • Time: 10:30 – 16:45. Lunch will be provided on location.


  ITIA Member (or member of any FIT organisation) Non-member
Early Booking (Before 30th April 2018) EUR 90 EUR 120
Normal Booking (After 30th April 2018) EUR 120 EUR 150

For attendees coming from outside Greater Dublin, there is a EUR 10 reduction in fee to account for travel costs.


Please make your booking via email to Rosemary at itia.admin@gmail.com.

All bookings are firm. In special circumstances, cancellation is allowed up to 20th May with full refund of fee minus an administration fee of E 30.


Nina Sattler-Hovdar is an English-Norwegian-Danish into German translator specialising in marketing, advertising, PR and other texts that, due to their sales or image-critical nature, require top writing skills and subject-matter expertise. After graduating with a Master’s degree from the University of Graz, Austria, Nina worked as a conference interpreter in central Europe, then moved on to work as an executive in an international marketing research company and as a strategic planning consultant in the Americas for several years, followed by a four-year stint in the financial hub of Frankfurt, Germany.

Based on her combined expertise from the translation and the marketing worlds, she has become a well-known transcreator and held presentations, seminars, workshops, and webinars for various industry associations (FIT, BDÜ, ATA, Universitas, Austrian Economic Chamber, and others) and international companies. She also works as a consultant and coach for freelance translators aspiring to gain a better positioning in the market, and for companies wanting to improve the ways they work with language providers in the field of marketing communications.

Nina‘s highly praised book on transcreation (“Translation-Transkreation – Vom Über-Setzen zum Über-Texten”, currently available in German only) was published by the German Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ) in 2016.

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